Monday, 16 November 2015

Felling Autumnumnal

So this is my favourite autumn look so far, I love this dress which I bought from Yours Clothing. The colour perfectly sums up this time of year. I've added a chunky studded necklace as well to complete the look. wine turtle neck swing dress

Happy shopping and keep smiling. :)

Monday, 9 November 2015

Me now :)

So this is me at the moment, nearly 2 and 1/2 stone down. 

Progress so far :)

This was me at the start of June this year. I had already lost 1/2 a stone here. 
Please don't judge me on my choice of gym clothes aha


Its been a year

So its been a year since I've posted on here. Another year at university and enjoying life. A few things have changed about me in the past year but my love for all things fashion has remained the same.

I'm going to start with what's been going on in the past year. As you know I was and am still plus size and knowing what clothes flatter me and make me feel my best is my passion.
To other people I was always confident, I was always known that big girl who always looked her best despite her size. Often people would tell me, I can't imagine you as being skinny or even say things like you're pretty shame about your size.
People will always have something to say about you, its just in our nature.
The thing is I was okay with that, I was happy to show people that you could look good whatever your shape. Thats why I loved working in a plus size clothes shop on weekends and even when I was back from uni. I was in my element helping women who weren't conformable in their clothes become more confident just by finding an outfit for them. It made me happy to say the least.

However, I started to realise that even though I seemed confident and happy, my weight was holding me back from doing things I wanted to do. My smile couldn't cover up my insecurities anymore. I wanted to change. I wanted to actually be confident just like how people perceive me and ultimately be healthy.

So from that small realisation came the starting point.
I wanted to make a start in loosing weight during the summer to get me on track with me feeling better about myself. I decided that for to me properly do this and not give up like in the past I would need support not just from my family but from a personal trainer who could support me. I was fortunate enough to find Davinia a personal trainer for over 15 years to train me two time a weeks over the summer.

I quickly realised it wasn't a case of a diet and exercise, I had to firstly realise how I become so over weight in the place. For me it wasn't a case of eating my feelings away, I didn't eat because I was sad or eat the wrong food when I was upset.
For me it was more to do with my background. Being Italian, you could never say no to food that people have offered you, I mean you wouldn't want to offend your family. Even if you said no, you would be asked the same question a minute later.
Also as long as I remember I've always been bigger than my friends and even my sister who is two years older than me.
Besides this my love food meant I would always fill my plate and most of the time finish it. So, I realised that my portion size would be the starting point in changing my diet.

Davinia was everything I hoped she would be. She put me on track with a diet plan and exercising and ultimately was my motivation, helping me realise why I was doing it.
For the first time,  I wanted to change for myself. It was no longer my family who wanted me to loose weight and I certainly wasn't doing it for a man in my life, simply for myself.

Food wise, I never missed out, I still got to eat all the food I loved just in moderation. I did cut out carbs, especially for dinner which I felt made a massive difference. So, I wouldn't call it a diet, just the right food for my body.

Over the summer I lost over a stone and a half and now back at uni continuing with exercise and a healthy diet I've managed to loose another stone. I'm no where near done but I feel so much better about myself already. When people compliment me now I believe it. I'm simply happier.
I'm still not conformable with riding a bike in front of people, but soon I will and everything that has changed so far I'm know it's worth it.

So, for now keeping smiling :)

Sunday, 18 May 2014